How Hammer Toe Can Affect Your Life

Feet are obviously more important than fashion trends. Trends, exists today, exhaust tomorrow, but the feet will carry you everywhere for lifetime. You should treat them nicely. You are not asked to stop using high heels completely, rather to decide the right time and occasion to wear it. Frederic Ferri is the founder of YogaPro, producer of the popular foot exercise devices YogaToes. With the goal of improving people’s lives, Mr. Ferri would like to impart his knowledge of foot problems and more natural methods of curing them. For more information on YogaPro products please visit

The exercise I find easiest for toes is to stand in your bare feet on the ground with your feet firmly planted. Lift your toes off the ground as high as you can (with your feet still planted on the ground- just lift your toes) then, starting at your smallest toe, slowly press your toes back onto the floor. Start over when your big toe hits the floor. It’s just like tapping your fingers on a table. To fix toes requires being sincere about it and there are major reasons why you do want to halt and reverse claw & hammer toe evolution.

When it comes to dealing with a hammertoe condition, pain is generally the determining factor. In fact, if you have a bent toe that doesn’t bother you or isn’t causing you any pain, then you shouldn’t worry about it. Other than the visual aspect of the toe , there would be no reason to pursue a surgical remedy. If the pain is significant or sever enough and limits your mobility and wearing properly fitting shoes does not provide any relief, you may want to weigh other possible treatments or even surgical options with your doctor.hammer toe pads

My doctor then gave me a Xanex (I guess to keep me from freaking out during surgery) and had even suggested that I to play some music from my cell phone to myself using headphones so that I wouldn’t have to listen to the sounds of snapping bone during surgery. (Good call Doc.) He then gave me five or six shots in my lower leg in order to numb it. I didn’t think it would work, but it did. I watched him attempt to tickle my foot, and I couldn’t even feel that anyone was touching me at all. As he had predicted, I felt absolutely nothing at all.

Even if you are not having pain, these are great exercises to do to keep you from starting to get pain. So, you should be doing them even if you don’t have foot pain right now. If you still have pain after doing these exercises, you may need some arch supports in your shoes. If your problem is mild, you can buy them at any drug store. If the arches are very bad, your doctor may need to prescribe special ones. Give the exercises a try. But if you still have no improvement in your pain after a week or so , you should see your doctor.

By performing this treatment once, one cannot expect the calluses to miraculously disappear. For this treatment to be effective, it must be followed on a daily basis. Only then will the results be visible. Also, do not use a blade or a knife to remove the calluses as a quick treatment. You may end up hurting yourself and worsening the condition further. The typical alternative treatments for foot pain are ice/heat, olive or essential oil rub, massage/reflexology, ultrasound, low level laser therapy, acupuncture and epsom salt baths. Supplements such as MSM, glucosamine sulfate and aloe vera have proven to be helpful for some people.hammertoe surgery

A Budin Splint (also called a Hammertoe Regulator or Hammertoe Straightener) can alleviate the signs and symptoms of painful hammertoes and metatarsalgia. The Budin Splint has been around for decades due to its success in treatment. The Budin Splint or Hammertoe Straightener is basicly a metatarsal pad with an elastic loop. The loop is placed over the crooked digit and the cushion metatarsal pad is on the ball of the foot. As the metatarsal pad pushes up, the hammertoe is straightened at the MPJ. The loop will then help straighten the little toe joint, the PIPJ.